DELTA Maritime 

Preamble statement
Delta Maritime is committed to developing an organizational culture which implements a policy of support for internationally recognized human rights and seeks to avoid complicity in human rights abuses. We support the principles contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the ILO Core Conventions on Labour Standards. 
Delta Maritime seeks to identify, assess and manage human rights impacts within our spheres of influence and activities in line with the following policy aims:
1. Employees
To respect the human rights of our employees as established in the ILO's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including non-discrimination, prohibition of child and enforced labor, and freedom of association and the right to engage in collective bargaining.
2. Suppliers and Contractors
To establish and maintain appropriate procedures to evaluate and select major suppliers and contractors, based on Delta Maritime human rights and social policies, and to monitor their performance where appropriate.
To advance the application of the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work through engagement and collaboration where necessary. 
3. Local Communities
To respect the cultures, customs and values of the people in communities in which we operate.
To contribute, within the scope of our capabilities, to promote the fulfillment of human rights through improving economic, environmental and social conditions and serve as a positive influence in communities in which we operate.
To seek to have open dialogue with stakeholders and participate in community engagement activities. 
To aim to ensure the provision of security is consistent with international standards of best practice and the laws of the countries in which we operate, using security services only where necessary and requiring the use of force only when necessary and proportionate to the threat. 
4. Society
To participate where appropriate in public affairs in a non-partisan and responsible way to promote internationally recognized human rights. 
To seek to play a positive role, within our spheres of influence, in capacity-building for the realization of human rights within countries of operation. 
To promote the realization of environmental sustainability and development through our core business and through our participation in other multi stake holder activities where appropriate. 
To uphold the highest standards in business ethics and integrity and where appropriate to support efforts of national and international authorities to establish and enforce high ethical standards for all businesses. 
DELTA Maritime Rights statement
Delta Maritime is committed to developing an organizational culture which implements a policy of support for the internationally recognized human rights contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and seeks to avoid complicity in human rights abuses. 
Our commitment to the realization of human rights is embedded in the Group's human rights and social policies. Key human rights issues are embedded in internal risk assessment processes and guidelines, as well as being addressed explicitly in documents such as the DELTA Maritime Code of Conduct. 
Delta Maritime seeks to improve its human rights performance by referencing key documents such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and relevant conventions and standards of the International Labor Organization, as well as other international standards, national and international laws. 
(Attached relevant documents)
The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a fair Globalization
ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-up
DELTA Maritime Code of Contact

Code of Conduct

Delta Maritime and its employees must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Delta Maritime will not condone the activities of employees who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical business dealings. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates, and bribery. Delta Maritime Ltd does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public scrutiny. All business conduct should be well above the minimum standards required by law. Accordingly, employees must ensure that their actions cannot be interpreted as being, in any way, in contravention of the laws and regulations governing Delta maritime ltd.’s operations. Employees uncertain about the application or interpretation of any legal requirements should refer the matter to their supervisor, who, if necessary, should seek appropriate legal advice. General Employee Conduct: Delta maritime ltd expects its employees to conduct themselves in a businesslike manner. Drinking, gambling, fighting, swearing, and similar unprofessional activities are strictly prohibited while on the job. Employees must not engage in sexual harassment, or conduct themselves in a way that could be construed as such, for example, by using inappropriate language, keeping or posting inappropriate materials in their work area, or accessing inappropriate materials on their computer. Conflicts of Interest:   Delta Maritime Ltd expects that employees will perform their duties conscientiously, honestly, and in accordance with the best interests of Delta Maritime ltd. Employees must not use their positions or the knowledge gained as a result of their positions for private or personal advantage. Regardless of the circumstances, if employees sense that a course of action they have pursued, or are presently pursuing, or are contemplating pursuing may involve them in a conflict of interest with their employer, they should immediately communicate all the facts to their supervisor. Anti-bribery:  Delta Maritime Ltd employs good business practices and risk management strategies in accordance with the Business Principles for Countering Bribery. These addresses at least the following areas: Political contributions ,   Delta Maritime Ltd its employees or agents do not make direct or indirect contributions to political parties, organizations or individuals engaged in politics, as a way of obtaining advantage in business transactions. Delta Maritime ltd accounts for all its political contributions in a separate ledger and consolidate all such payments made by any of the operations that form part of its organization. Charitable contributions and sponsorships Delta Maritime Ltd ensures that charitable contributions and sponsorships are not being used as a subterfuge for bribery. Delta Maritime Ltd accounts for all its charitable contributions or sponsorships in a separate ledger and consolidate all such payments made by any of the operations that form part of its organization. Facilitation payments Facilitation payments are defined as small payments made to secure or expedite the performance of a routine or necessary action to which the payer of the facilitation payment has legal or other entitlement. Recognizing that facilitation payments are a form of bribery, Delta Maritime ltd works to identify and eliminate them. Gifts, Entertainment, and Favors: Employees must not accept or offer entertainment, gifts, or personal favors that could, in any way, influence, or appear to influence, business decisions in favor of any person or Delta Maritime ltd with whom or with which   Delta maritime Ltd has, or is likely to have, business dealings. Similarly, employees must not accept any other preferential treatment under these circumstances because their positions with Delta Maritime LTD might be inclined to, or be perceived to, place them under obligation to return the preferential treatment. Relationships With Clients and Suppliers: Employees should avoid investing in or acquiring a financial interest for their own accounts in any business Delta Maritime Ltd that has a contractual relationship with Delta maritime ltd, or that provides goods or services, or both, to  Delta Maritime Ltd if such investment or interest could influence or create the impression of influencing their decisions in the performance of their duties on behalf of


Delta Maritime LTD , Project cargo logistics Services , 4 Doxis str ,54625 , Thessaloniki, Greece .


Tel:+30-2310-566638 , fax:+30-2310-531676 , e mail: mng@delta-maritime .  and Secret Commissions: Regarding Delta Maritime Ltd business activities, employees may not receive payment or compensation of any kind, except as authorized under Delta Maritime Ltd business and payroll policies. In particular, Delta maritime Ltd strictly prohibits the acceptance of kickbacks and secret commissions from suppliers or others. Any breach of this rule will result in immediate termination and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law and local laws relevant to countering bribery and anticorruption in all the jurisdictions in which it operates Delta Maritime Ltd funds and Other Assets: Employees who have access to Delta Maritime funds  in any form must follow the prescribed procedures for recording, handling, and protecting money as detailed in Delta Maritime ltd ’s policies and procedures or other explanatory materials, or both. Delta Maritime ltd imposes strict standards to prevent fraud and dishonesty. If employees become aware of any evidence of fraud and dishonesty, they should immediately advise their supervisor or seek appropriate legal guidance so that Delta Maritime ltd can promptly investigate further. When an employee’s position requires spending Delta Maritime Ltd funds or incurring any reimbursable personal expenses, that individual must use good judgment on Delta Maritime ltd’s behalf to ensure that good value is received for every expenditure. Delta Maritime ltd funds and all other assets of Delta Maritime ltd are purposed for Delta Maritime Ltd only and not for personal benefit. This includes the personal use of Delta Maritime assets, such as computers. Delta Maritime Group Records and Communications: Accurate and reliable records of many kinds are necessary to meet Delta Maritime ltd ’s legal and financial obligations and to manage the affairs of Delta Maritime ltd. Delta Maritime ltd’s books and records must reflect in an accurate and timely manner all business transactions. The employees responsible for accounting and recordkeeping must fully disclose and record all assets, liabilities, or both, and must exercise diligence in enforcing these requirements. Employees must not make or engage in any false record or communication of any kind, whether internal or external, including but not limited to false expense, attendance, production, financial, or similar reports and statements and false advertising, deceptive marketing practices, or other misleading representations Dealing With Outside People and Delta Maritime ltd: Employees must take care to separate their personal roles from their Delta Maritime ltd positions when communicating on matters not involving Delta Maritime ltd business. Employees must not use Delta Maritime ltd identification, stationery, supplies, and equipment for personal or political matters. When communicating publicly on matters that involve Delta Maritime ltd business, employees must not presume to speak for Delta maritime ltd  on any topic, unless they are certain that the views they express are those of Delta Maritime ltd, and it is Delta Maritime ltd’s desire that such views be publicly disseminated. When dealing with anyone outside Delta Maritime ltd, including public officials, employees must take care not to compromise the integrity or damage the reputation of either, Delta Maritime ltd, or any outside individual, business, or government body. Prompt Communications: In all matters relevant to customers, suppliers, government authorities, the public and others in Delta Maritime Ltd, all employees must make every effort to achieve complete, accurate, and timely communications responding promptly and courteously to all proper requests for information and to all complaints. Discrimination and Harasment The diversity of Delta Maritime ltd employees is a tremendous asset. Delta Maritime ltd is firmly committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and will not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin or any other protected class. Health and Safety Delta Maritime ltd strives to provide each employee with a safe and healthy work environment. Each employee has the responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees by following environmental, safety, and health rules and practices and by reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe equipment, practices or conditions. Violence and threatening behavior are not permitted .


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Environmental Delta Maritime ltd expects its employees to follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations. If you are uncertain about your responsibility or obligation, you should check with your supervisor. Privacy and Confidentiality: When handling financial and personal information about customers or others with whom Delta Maritime ltd has dealings, observe the following principles: 1. Collect, use, and retain only the personal information necessary for Delta Maritime ltd’s business. Whenever possible, obtain any relevant information directly from the person concerned. Use only reputable and reliable sources to supplement this information. 2. Retain information only for as long as necessary or as required by law. Protect the physical security of this information. 3. Limit internal access to personal information to those with a legitimate business reason for seeking that information. Use only personal information for the purposes for which it was originally obtained. Obtain the consent of the person concerned before externally disclosing any personal information, unless legal process or contractual obligation provides otherwise. Annual Acknowledgement to help ensure compliance with this Code Conduct, Delta Maritime requires that all exempt salaried employees review the Code of Conduct and acknowledge their understanding and adherence in writing on an annual basis. 

Environmental Health and Safety Policy (EHS)

It is the policy of DELTAGROUP TRAVEL to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the public, and to conduct all activities in an environmentally responsible manner. We commit to this policy worldwide as an integral part of being a leading company in Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry
The Environmental, Health and Safety, requirements are part of our organization’s processes and procedures. Our philosophy on working-safe environment is a vital part of the management systems that we do currently implement (ISO 9001, OHSAS 14001 and ISO 17001) and achieved by:
A well – trained personnel which is monitoring health and safety laws in order to be in full compliance with all relevant EHS laws and regulations
Incorporating of appropriate safety and health considerations into daily: jobs, duties, tasks and project management.
Operating and maintaining equipment, facilities and processes in a safe manner.
Training and retraining personnel to manage health and safety risks
Having a risk management assessment/ hazards plan both on site and off site working activities, in order to eliminate any potential accident.
Regularly checking our facilities and subcontractors equipment, facilities, sites, warehouses in order to be compliant with environmental laws and health and safety precautions
Responding to environmental, health or safety concerns raised by our stakeholders: suppliers, customers, employees, stockholders, nonprofit organizations, we are able to hear any comments and concerns may arise
Preventing pollution at the source wherever and whenever possible.
Working to improve energy efficiency in existing operations by adapting new, environmental office materials and supplies
Selecting, evaluating and re-evaluating our suppliers based on their capability to fully comply with our QHSE certified management procedures. All our approved suppliers are contractually committed and regularly controlled on compliance during the execution of their obligations.